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Redefining Roses

Hello, lovely readers! After taking a two-month writing hiatus where I was struggling a bit to find my creative voice; I am beginning to find it again. Recently,  I have been going through some of the files on my computer in an effort to clean up a little and I was reminded of why I love literature as much as I do. I came across some of my work that I had written for my Into to Lit class and thought  I would share it with all of you. Most of it is my thoughts on short stories I read for class, sections of The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature (the textbook from class) or  Windows to the World: Literature in Christian Perspective by Leeland Ryken (the third book I read for class).

The truth is that I am still in the process of rediscovering my voice. I know it’s not lost, instead,  it is simply wondering. Therefore I have chosen to share this work with you because I hope that it would be enlightening to you and also that I may inspire myself again.

A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner follows a town’s relentless quest to discover a mystery about a woman named Emily who marches to the beat of her of her own drum. Emily Grierson refuses to abide by any standard set by the present society and ultimately strives to hold on to her own definition of self-respect and love among a society that has left her in the past.

The short story A Rose for Emily explores what it means to grow up in a world that has never truly been yours, to begin with.When Emily kills her lover and then later dies beside his corpse, she doesn’t kill him because she does not love him. Emily carries out her murderous act because she is afraid of losing yet another thing that means the world to her. The Story of Emily is a tragedy, however, it brings to light some important lessons about society and generational differences. Emily suffers from being a part of a society where rules about personal relationships defined with each new generation, prevented her from living her life the way she wanted.I think what Faulkner is trying to say about the inner struggle an individual feels when attempting to please oneself while still trying to abide by societal obligations is important.

The lesson for people today as they read this story lies in making the choice to stay true to what each of us wants in our relationships as well as the other areas of our lives. However, as active citizens of our society, we need to still be a part of everything that happens within it. Emily felt confined by all of the different standards of every generation she lived through and so she took matters into her own hands. She decided to no longer define herself through the lens of her society in terms of her love life.In the end, though she chose to do her basic civil duties such as paying her taxes. For this reason, I believe that Emily can serve as a reminder to everyone that walking to your own beat isn’t always bad as long as you are not afraid to let go of things that are not concretely your’s to have.

This is something that needs to be remembered during every day of our lives especially now when our world has become so diverse and crazy at times. I am not suggesting that we as people should stop walking to our own drum. I am simply asking that Emily Grierson is remembered.

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